Leadership Capacity Profile

This is a self-assessment tool for librarians to evaluate what leadership capacity elements you should plan for further development. You can use the following questionnaire to gave ratings on capacity elements, which is based on the Leadership Capacity Model:

Leadership Capacity Profile Questionnaire

The Questionnaire:

  • is anonymous. It does not ask for information that can identify individuals
  • collects your perception about leadership capacity and self-ratings on skill levels
  • may take 15-20 minutes.

** To do this exercise in a meaningful way, expect you would spend about 30 minutes or more, including the time to follow the steps below to build your profile. **

How to create your own leadership capacity profile

1. Take a look at the Leadership Capacity Model and the elements in the model

2. Fill out the Questionnaire

3. After you finish the questionnaire, you will see a copy of your response at the exit page

4. With your responses, find out the elements that need your attention. To help you see your profile, follow this table to group the capacity elements according to your ratings:


(a) among those you self-rated with “Average” or below; are there any that you rated as “Highly Important” or “Extremely Important”? These fall in the High Priority zone that you should plan for development

(b) Did you choose the same 3 elements that you “Wanted” and “Needed”? Do they match with those in the High Priority zone?

(c) Those elements you rated as “Highly Important” or “Extremely Important”, and also gave yourself a “Strong” or “Very Strong” self-ratings are your Capacity Spotlight. Take note of the labels and descriptions of your strengths. Those fall in the Strength Pool zone are your potential that you should take note of, although they may not be immediately relevant to your current position.

How your response contributes to a general profile for librarians

Collecting responses from librarians of various backgrounds, the data will build up profiles of leadership capacity of library leaders at different levels and positions. When there is enough data for aggregation, the result can be shared at this project site. It will give a general picture for librarians to make reference to.